From the Vedas


Veda means knowledge, but not mere knowledge from books. It is a question of experience, direct and clear perception, understanding and intuition regarding man, God and the Universe. The Vedas contain knowledge of man, God and the cosmos. This knowledge was revealed by God to rishis. Who were those rishis? They were human beings who had attained union with God, thus the highest level of consciousness. The mind of a rishi is clear, free from unconsciousness and the reflection of artificial existence created by society.


Over the ages, unqualified people have been handling, reciting, discoursing, rewriting parts, reproducing, analysing and doing all sorts of gymnastics with the holy scriptures. Down the line, complex religious rites and other attributes that have got attached to the scriptures have acquired prominence, leaving behind the esoteric truths in the darkness of ignorance. Even the scriptures now need to be liberated from the dust of time and sullied minds. Such a sacred task required a highly advanced, pure and divinely inspired being.

Swami Paramananda has embarked on such an attempt through his writings, discourses, meditation courses, the web and media. After his previous works in this line - 'Hidden Teachings in the Bible','Wisdom of the Ancients','Solah Samskaras', 'Hinduism: Philosophy or Mysticism?', 'The Spiritual Aspects of Maha Shivaratri', 'Spirituality & Secrets behind Hindu Religious Festivals',' and 'Profound Spiritual Truth behind the Durga Puja' - Swamiji is now offering us 'From the Vedas'. In this 21st book of his, he interprets a handful of Vedic verses that underline the pertinent needs of the time and elaborated on the subtle truths underlying the messages conveyed by the rishis of yore.

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