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Swami Paramananda is a prolific writer who has authored 24 books during the past 15 years, with several new titles that are yet to be published. He has also been publishing the bi-annual ‘Know Thyself’ magazine since 1995 and writes inspiring articles in local papers. His books have been very successful and some of them had to be reprinted more than once. Two of his very successful books ‘Man, God and the Universe’ and ‘Sex, Breaking the Taboo’ have been translated into French and published in France by Editions ALTESS for the French-speaking market. A third one ‘Four Steps to Health & Enlightenment’ has also been translated in French.

Through his writings, Swami Paramananda extends his message and teachings to a much larger audience and calls out to one and all to participate in the Global Mind Transformation.

Books by Swami Paramananda: 

  1. Hidden Teachings in the Bible (1998)
  2. Man, God and the Universe (1999) (French version: L’Homme, Dieu et l’Univers)
  3. Wisdom of the Ancients (2000)
  4. Sex – Breaking the Taboo (2001) (French version: La Sexualite: comment briser le tabou et vivre l’amour divin)
  5. Buddha – His Scientific Approach to Life and the Nirvana (2001)
  6. Solah Samskaras (2002)
  7. Human Beings: Behaviour and Evolution (2002)
  8. Prayer – A Profound Spiritual Approach (2003)
  9. Guru: a Friend, a Guide and a Door (2003)
  10. Four Steps to Health and Enlightenment (2004) (French version: Quatre Etapes vers la Sante & le Nirvana)
  11. Spiritual Experiences (2004)
  12. Hinduism: Philosophy or Mysticism? (2005)
  13. Expectant Mothers (2005)
  14. The Spiritual Aspects of Maha Shivaratri (2006)
  15. Pearls of Wisdom (2006)
  16. Spirituality and Secrets behind Hindu Religious Festivals (2006)
  17. Understanding Marriage (2007)
  18. Truth (2008)
  19. Profound Spiritual Truth behind the Durga Puja (2008)
  20. Self-Education – the major breakthrough (2009)
  21. From the Vedas (2010)
  22. Wisdom from Symbols (2011)
  23. Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation (2012)
  24. Theists and Atheists: both are blind (2013)
  25. Kundalini – Your sex energy transformed (2014)
  26. Death – The Last Opportunity – The Ultimate Celebration (2015)
  27. Man and Woman : The great revolution beyond gender
  28. Short Stories and Parables
  29. Karma – The Inexorable Law
  30. The Self beyond Psychology
  31. Holistic Educatiion & Holistic Living
  32. Politics, Science & Religion


Know Thyself Magazines 

  • 5 editions in A4 format between 1994-1995
  • 29 editions in A3 format between 1996-2011

Journal Papers 

PARAMANANDA, S., 2011. Mystics are beyond Religions. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp81-90

PARAMANANDA, S., 2007. Spirituality and Good Governance. In: S.S. Singh and D. Fail, ed, “Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership”: Delhi.  Macmillan Advanced Research Series, pp. 623-634.

Articles in other Magazines 

PARAMANANDA, S., 2008. Peace is the only Pathway to sanity. Commemorative Journal Magazine of the Mauritian Writers Association, pp 25-29

PARAMANANDA, S., 2007. Education in Human Values. M.P Sharma Jugdambi State Secondary School Magazine, pp 84