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Meditation Sessions

Swami Paramananda has conducted a wide range of activities since he started his life mission. Apart from the regular meditation sessions imparted to disciples and seekers, he offers spiritual retreats, sensitisation talks on radio and television and mass meditation programmes in Mauritius, Canada and UK.

He has initiated seekers in Mauritius, United Kingdom and Canada into Rebirth Therapy, which is a highly effective and powerful dynamic meditation technique recommended for this era.He has even extended his reach to Mauritian prisons and brought the science of meditation to many of the woman inmates who have experienced great transformation.

Be it in workplaces, universities, schools, community centres or conference centres, Swami Paramananda leaves no stone unturned and works relentlessly towards the uplift of humanity. He uses every means available to raise the awareness of people and offer his lofty guidance to seekers who wish to embark on the greatest adventure of mind transformation.