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Human Mind: A disease

“Mind is worry,” said Hegel and he is absolutely right. I would say not only it is worry, but also a deadly disease and even a poison. I am reminded of a story in the Hindu mythology where in the process of the churning of the oceans by gods and demons, a deadly poison emerged which proved to be destructive to the whole world. At the humble request of the gods to save them from it, it was Shiva who drank that poison. Do not all the human weaknesses like greed, anger, violence, fanaticism, lust, jealousy and innumerable poisons like worry, impatience, foul language take birth in the mind? What is being done and to what extent is it being done to transform the mind itself? Much has been said on the mind, yet nearly nothing is being done to understand it. Without first-hand knowledge about the mind, it is out of question to talk of its transformation.

Let me be explicit about the fact that the brain is not the mind, but only its instrument. The greatest problem is the mind, but that very problem is also the ultimate solution. Most religions insist on the fact that the devil is inside, not outside. But then, why do we go outside for a solution? We teach people things that they already know. Who does not know that violence is not good, that rape, killing, lust, hatred are evil traits? We condemn those who are filled with these negative traits, but who can claim to be free from them? It is not a question of do’s and don’ts, instead the most fundamental point is how. In other words, how to become good and not do evil? The answer is not that simple. Memorizing the commandments or going to the church or temple leads nowhere and the blunt truth is that it has never and will never lead anywhere.

The real issue is acknowledging the disease, having the readiness to study it and also the determination to transcend it. As we dedicate many hours at school and university to study a subject, similarly we should be ready to study our mind and its relationship with the heart, body and environment. Without such endeavour, I do not see anything concrete manifesting. Once the mind is transformed, much will happen by itself. No appeal will have to be made to help a country struck by famine or cataclysm. There will be no need to teach anyone any virtue – it will spring forth naturally and spontaneously. The benefits that can be achieved by a completely transformed mind cannot be adequately enumerated here. Economically, politically, socially and in all spheres of life, great and positive changes can take place by investing our energy in the science and art of mind transformation.

The whole world can become a paradise when the mind is completely transformed. A subject dedicated to the study and practice of mind transformation should be included in the school curriculum. Of course, such a subject is of the domain of an enlightened being. But the greatest drawback is that very few people will be ready to learn from an enlightened being. The mind is not only a disease, a worry or the house of the devil – it is also an infinite power that is congealed. Let us recall the words of Jesus, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Also, let us not forget whose children we are. If here the question of belief crops up, then remember that each point of space conceals as much energy as that of the whole Universe. This is a scientific truth.

Many people have much free time which they spend in things that lead to nothing. “We are killing time,” they say. There is nothing more lamentable than this. Time is eternity; it should not be killed. We can use time to experiment and experience with the mind. I can understand the ignorance of people about the mind, but remember that learning is the most sacred of all things. Therefore, I invite all fellow human beings to be ready to learn the art and science of mind transformation.

Let me be explicit about the fact that the brain is not the mind, but only its instrument. The greatest problem is the mind, but that very problem is also the ultimate solution.