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A Centre for the Divine Alchemy

Scientific laboratories are places where research and experiences are carried out for material advancement of society. Since life is incomplete without spiritual unfolding, there should be places for research and experience for spiritual advancement. Temples, churches and other such institutions were in ancient times serving this purpose, but today their role has been made only to propagate the teachings of the great ones without any emphasis on the practical side. Added to that, teachings and knowledge imparted by the holy ones have been defiled and wrongly interpreted. Truly speaking, churches or mandirs or other religious institutions should be a place where one should work for one’s transformation to become and be the spiritual entity that is our own and ultimate nature.

The Meditation Centre at Dubreuil will be a laboratory where the divine alchemy will be practised. Meditation is the transformed state of the mind. In the Centre, sincere people of all walks of life will use techniques according to their temperament, guided by the master. All religions of the world will be studied and used in the divine alchemy. In this sense, Dubreuil will be a religious place. Such a place should be one with a relaxed atmosphere free from rigorous disciplines of body tortures or other such practice that will cut one away from the beauty and marvels of life. Disciples will be prepared to face life by using the different circumstances of life itself to go higher on the ladder of spiritual evolution. In fact, there is no greater and better laboratory than daily life and its different circumstances.

However, before entering into this vast laboratory of life, a preparation is important. The centre will be constructed for such a purpose. It will be really a blessing to our country and the whole world. I sincerely hope that its construction will be completed without much obstacle.