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External Security

While inner security comes with transcendence of the ego or mind, external security, which is also very important, comes with respect, understanding and love. No amount of police protection can make one feel outwardly secure because it is not possible to put police security everywhere. It is only when one feels that other fellow human beings have flourished in love, respect and understanding that one will really feel secure and fearless.

So that love, respect and understanding can flourish, the individual must be educated about the value and importance of human life. Today it seems that for many people, a human being is like a creature that can be disposed of at any time. An insult, a piece of land, some jewellery, a promotion, a divorce or some wealth is more than enough to become the cause or reason to brutalise, harm or even murder a person. Beating, killing, raping or causing worry and grief to an individual is a grave sin. This is because human life is sacred in the sense that it is a manifestation of the Divine.

Man is a very dangerous predator to his fellow human beings. Until every individual does not realise the sacredness of life, there may never be any outer security. External security forces may to some extent discourage attacks on people, but the inner demon will always be there in a potential form. If it does not cause harm to others, it will do it to himself. In fact, man is insecure against himself. He is his own greatest enemy. He is responsible for his ill-health, both mental and physical. He commits suicide, consumes alcohol and drugs and lives irrationally and unscientifically.

We spend much money on the police and security forces when it would cost much less to self-educate people and thus make life more secure both externally and internally. Inner security does not mean escape from anything but rather freedom from the ego, which is the root of all forms of insecurity, misery and evil. To be free from the ego, one has to accept oneself as one is and face it bravely. It demands far more courage, energy and intelligence than one can imagine. The number of police and security officers in society is an indication of how critical the situation is as regards the predatory nature of man. What would happen if they were not present?

What kind of civilised society is it that let alone girls and women, even young boys and male adults cannot venture in certain places fearlessly and freely! In this world, both nature and human beings are raped. Man is indeed a complex being. Potentially he is divine but relatively or superficially, he is devilish. He is like both sides of the coin. The trouble is that he does not look within; his gaze is always turned outside. He is always looking for excuses and scapegoats outside. He lays the blame on politicians, priests, parents, economic and social crises, while all these are his own reflections.

What kind of civilised society is this – man is afraid of his own kind! Daughters cannot trust fathers, sisters are weary of brothers, husbands rape wives, men rape men, politicians exploit people and the rich exploit the poor! Who is really secure in this human society? Fear governs the heart and mind of human beings and this gives rise to many conflicts. When there is no trust, when fear is lurking in the heart and mind, how can there be peace, love, freedom and progress?

Despite the presence of government, police force, education, temples, mosques, churches, religion and so on, people are very much insecure, unprotected and fearful. Those who are a little more conscious live in a hell-like state of being. Those who are very unconscious are oblivious or simply avoid thinking about all these things. Just try to imagine what kind of civilised world this is: not only a girl or a young man, even an old person will be scared to walk relaxingly and appreciate a beautiful natural place in most countries out of the fear of being abused physically, emotionally or mentally. One can also become a target of racial bias.

Finally, one wonders, is there anyone who is really safe in this world? Presidents, the Pope, politicians, religious people, the wealthy, the poor, young and old, all are potential victims. People are so stupid that they even target enlightened beings though such an individual is a rare gem. Is it not time to go to the root of this problem?

Until every individual does not realise the sacredness of life, there may never be any outer security.